Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hannah is Two!


Well little girl. You're two. Not a baby anymore, I suppose. And you are, in a word, amazing.

You make all of us so happy, and so tired. You sing like a little angel, and you have to have your own way like a little tyrant. You will sit and watch an entire movie, and yet you can't sit still long enough to eat anything. (Actually, that's a bit of a problem, and your mommy is a little concerned that you haven't gained an ounce since last October, but we won't get into that here.) You say "Thank you!" so sweetly when people give you things or help you or just pretty much anytime, but you WILL NOT say "please" under ANY circumstance. You can make me deliriously happy and delirious with exhaustion in the same instant. You are the happiest little ray of sunshine and the most contrary little stinker who ever wore a tutu. And we wouldn't have you any other way. (Okay. I confess, a little less contrariness would be welcome, but just a little.)

Some of your favourite things are Tinkerbell, (Pinkergell, formerly known as Pinkergo, you're getting there) fries, ice cream cones, Dora, Toopy and Binoo, pickles and cucumbers, your bunny, bugs, stars, walking in puddles and your flowery rain boots, and your brothers. (Mejamin especially.)

You sing. A lot. Twinkle Twinkle is one of your favourite songs, but you also know the words to the Abc song, Mary Had a Little Lamb, The Backyardigans and Toopy and Binoo theme songs, The Wheels on the Bus, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and recently Abba's Honey Honey. You try to sing along to almost everything though, and you know parts of more songs than I can list here. Tonight you spent a half hour singing Happy Birthday to yourself. Oh Hannah, the sound of your little voice singing, and the sight of the accompanying actions or dance moves... There are no words. You're fantastic.

You say funny things like "Buuu! It's cold outside!" and "T." and "Shake it! Shake it!" and "T." and "Help! Help! I'm stuck!" and "T." and "Ummmmm, how bout bug?" and "T." and "Oh my! What happened?" and "T." and "Dada! Where are you?" You can count to nine, and sometimes ten, and you can sing the alphabet better than poor Sammy. I could go on forever because you talk. A LOT. I couldn't even begin to count the number of words you know and use on a regular basis. Your vocabulary and memory are impressive and terrifying at the same time.

Today some of the things you did were walking in puddles, watching Tinkerbell and pretending to fly when you see people doing it in the movie, wrestling in blankets with Sammy, dinner at McDonald's (you said it was "Delicious!"). You ate some cupcakes, and opened some presents, and gave some hugs to your brothers. There was giggling and singing and lots and lots of love on your second birthday. I think you enjoyed it.

I'd write more, but right now you're climbing all over me chanting "Mum Mum! Dora the Explorer! Mum mum! I watch it!" and trying to stop my fingers from typing, so I guess I'd better find something to occupy our beautiful, sparkling, intense, and lovable little princess before things get completely out of control.

We love you very much, and we're so happy to celebrate the day you came into our lives to make our world a happier and more chaotic place. Happy birthday Boo Boo.

"Ow! Ow! I hurt, uh me!" (Pfft. You're also a bit of a drama queen.)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Breaking Out The Bottle

A little problem.

Maybe a solution?


Mommy saves the day.

But she won't stop taking pictures!

Oh Hannah, it's hard being one, isn't it?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Year Old!

You turned one!

Oh Hannah, when did this happen? When did you get to be such a big girl? It seems like only yesterday I sat on the operating table and talked with the nurses about what I was planning to name you, and then a few minutes later the doctor lifted you above the curtain in and I got my very first glimpse of you... And then I heard everyone exclaiming, "She has RED hair!!!" before they put you on my chest and you lay quietly looking at me with those bright blue eyes... What a precious gift, my little bit of Grace.

And now it's a year later, and never has a little girl lived up to her name more than you. Grace. That's what you are to me, to all of those who love you best.

Happy Birthday Hannah Grace! What a good GOOD day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eleven Months Old

One more month and I will be one year old! Can you believe it?

Hey, whose cake is that? Mommy's? It's her birthday too!

All right, I'll share with you this month, but next month I think we all agree, it's all about ME!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ten Months Old

I really have no idea why Hannah's blog always distorts pictures when I upload them, but here we go anyways. (Maybe I'll put some of these up on facebook too.)

She really REALLY wanted to touch the candle.

Of course, the disembodied hand had other ideas.

Her big brothers got rid of the bit of the candle that was causing the problems.

Here she is saying something like, "Oh sure, you're going to let me touch it NOW." Or possibly, "If you people don't back off and let me touch that thing..."

Finally. This cheered her up for a little bit.

Enough that she waited patiently for her first taste.

Awe. Thanks Sammy.

She didn't wait quite as patiently in between her next bites. Faster Sammy!

Luckily, she takes after her mommy, and is good at taking things into her own hands... Er... I mean mouth.

Om nom nom.

Happy Birthday baby girl! I can't believe we only have one more of these month birthdays to celebrate with you, and then it will be a whole year!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nine Months Old

Well, it's a little late but... Hello there!

This almost makes up for you people being almost two weeks late.

Awe, who am I kidding. You made it up for it. Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Eight Months Old

I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves for this one...

(I think if you were to print these out they would make a pretty cool little flip book.)

Happy Birthday my orange loving Hannah Banana! Mwah!